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Wall Street Journal: How Willie L. Wilson went from poverty to black philanthropy.

Long ago, Willie L. Wilson ran off from a Florida work camp, convinced it was virtual slavery. Hounds chased him but he got away.

Later, though he had no money, and only a seventh-grade education, he convinced himself he could run his own business...Like his belief in God, there are some things he just knows to be true.

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“It can no longer be Republican against Democrat, citizens against police, White versus Black, rich versus poor. We must achieve the original vision of our country – to be a place where all people can be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness – truly one nation under God.”

- Dr. Willie Wilson

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  • He Swept Floors and Later Mopped Up in the Gospel Biz

  • Wilson fires back at mayor's accusation he's trying to buy election


    The Chicago Crusader - 20-09-2022 6:03 PM

    "She's lost it" Mayoral hopeful Dr. Willie Wilson wasn't shocked when he received a political mailing from Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasting him for loaning his campaign another $1 million and accusing him of trying to buy this election. Initially, Wilson loaned his campaign $5 million,...

  • Leading Chicago mayoral candidates vow to defend rights of Arab, Muslim citizens

    CHICAGO: Arab and Muslim Americans have been the victims of “bad policies” by Chicago’s mayors over recent years but two of the leading candidates running in the Feb. 28, 2023, election vow to change that if they win.

    Alderman Raymond Lopez and Dr. Willie Wilson told Arab News in separate interviews that incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot has disrespected Arab and Muslim Americans. They said she has failed the people of the city on major policies including public safety, rebuilding the economy and bringing people together.

    Lopez said that whoever becomes mayor of America’s third largest city, “must fight for everyone’s dream.” They also blasted Lightfoot’s predecessor, Rahm Emanuel, who was named last year by President Joe Biden as the US ambassador to Japan.