Fact Check Friday - 8/14/2020

Did you know that career politician Minority Whip Dick Durbin has failed to reduce racial disparities in health care?  Sen. Durbin has been in Congress for 37 years and has a failed record of providing healthcare for people of color.  The COVID-19 pandemic has unmasked the deep disinvestment in Black and Brown communities.  In fact, life expectancy for African Americans living in Englewood (Chicago) is 60 years compared to those living in Streeterville which is 90 years (NYU School of Medicine).  The City of Chicago has the largest life expectancy gap in any big city in America.  Why hasnt Sen. Durbin done more to help people of color with healthcare? Examine the facts and empower yourself and your family.

Minority Whip Durbins Failed Record on Healthcare

  • The lack of access to health care and health insurance, to quality education, and to decent jobs and financial stability has led to rates of diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease that are higher in communities of color than Whites. (UIC School of Public Health Commentary)

  • African Americans have the highest percentage of children less than 18 years of age living below the poverty level, approximately 43 percent, Latino children were the next highest percentage of children below poverty at 27 percent, and White children had the lowest percentage of poverty at 13 percent. “Growing up in poor neighborhoods can have adverse health outcomes due to factors such as stress, exposure to gangs, and violence, poor food options, hunger, sub-standard schools, lack of health care services, high unemployment, and pollution” (IL Dept. of Public Health Disparities Report)

  • A Black woman is 22 percent more likely to die from heart disease than a White woman, 71 percent more likely to perish from cervical cancer, and 243 percent more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes (The Commonwealth Fund, September 27, 2018)

  • Black men in Chicago are more than twice as likely to die from prostate cancer than White men. The primary and secondary syphilis case rate in Chicago for African Americans is 46.1 percent compared to 17.8 percent for Whites (Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities)

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