Fact Check Friday - 8/7/2020

Did you know that career politician Minority Whip Dick Durbin has failed to protect the citizens of Illinois from gun violence?  Sen. Durbin has been in Congress for 37 years and has a failed record on protecting people of color from gun violence.  Sen. Durbin is quick to say “Black Lives Matter” but his policies have been detrimental to Blacks.  Over 80 percent of the people shot and killed by gun violence in Cook County are African American (Cook County Medical Examiner).  The stark racial disparity in gun violence has increasingly become worse in the last 10 years (WBEZ Chicago).  Sen. Durbin has failed to stop the bloodshed of African Americans and Latinos throughout Illinois.

Minority Whip Durbin’s Failed Record on Gun Violence

  • Durbin has been the second most powerful Democrat since 2005. Since 2010, more than 5,600 people have been shot and killed in Chicago (New York Times) There were more people killed in Chicago since 2010, than soldiers killed in the Afghanistan war.

  • African Americans account for one-third of the city of Chicago population, they make up almost 80 percent of homicide victims (Univ. of Chicago Crime Lab)

  • Whites make up one-third of the city of Chicago population and account for 5 percent of its homicide victims (Univ. of Chicago Crime Lab)

  • East St. Louis, Illinois a predominately Black city (97 percent) had 453 murders from 2000 to 2018 and 340 remain unsolved. You are 19 times more likely to be murdered in East St. Louis than in the average U.S. city (Belleville News Democrat)

  • East St. Louis, Illinois where Sen. Durbin was born has a population of 26,000, and more than 66 percent of the children live in poverty. The median household income is less than $20,000.  The school system is ranked as one of the worst in the state, and the public housing projects are considered one of the most dangerous places in the city. (Belleville News Democrat)

  • Since 2010, more than 20,000 people have been shot in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Tribune)

  • This year, 38 juveniles have been fatally shot in the city of Chicago this year, 19 children under the age 10 have been shot and five of them killed (ABC News)

  • This year 2,384 people have been shot and 418 have been killed. In July, 107 people were killed and 496 wounded by gun fire (ABC News)

  • In 1994, Durbin voted for the 1994 Crime Bill that disproportionately locked up people of color and destroyed lives and families (The Sentencing Project)


Senator Durbin has been in office for 37 years straight.  He has failed at the most basic responsibility of a public official—to provide for the safety of the citizens of Illinois.  This issue is personal for me.  I lost a son to gun violence.  Durbin and other elected officials have watched as gun violence has taken the lives of our youth and future.  The facts are clear, over 80 percent of those being shot and killed are African Americans.  Yet after 37 years in office Durbin offers no real policy solutions.  The harsh reality of Durbin’s vote for the Crime Bill are being manifested today.  Young men and women coming out of jails on drug sentences find it difficult to get jobs and they get caught up in trying to survive.  I am clear that the gun violence problem will get solved once economic and racial equality problems are solved.   Durbin wants another six years.  Illinois’ Black and Brown communities cannot afford another six years of Senator Durbin. He has failed to protect our citizens from gun violence!