Fact Check Friday 9/11/2020

Fact Check Friday (9-11-20)

Did you know that career politician Minority Whip Dick Durbin has allowed partisanship to stand in the way of helping Illinois residents? Senator Durbin has been in office for 37 years straight and his legislative record reflects a long history of partisan votes and gamesmanship that hurts ordinary citizens and especially African Americans and Hispanics.  He is more concerned with pleasing the Democrat Party than the people who sent him to Washington, D.C., 37 years ago.  I will always put people over politics and powerful corporate lobbyists.  

Minority Whip Durbins Partisanship Hurts Illinois Residents

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is not the only pandemic in our country.  There is another pandemic called partisanship.  This is where Senators prioritize their allegiance to a political party over the people.  This kind of gridlock hurts people.  
  • Sen. Durbin led Senate Democrats to oppose a $300 billion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill that would have provided immediate help for more than 30 million Americans unemployed.  It would have provided an additional $300 per week for people unemployed.  More than 1 million Illinois residents are unemployed (USA Today, 9-10-20)

  • Sen. Durbin and Democrat Party voted to deny debate and a final vote on the $300 billion Stimulus Bill.  The vote was 52-47, in order to move for a final vote 60 votes are needed.  This Stimulus Bill contained $16 Billion for Coronavirus testing and $31 billion for development of vaccine and therapeutics and $258 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program to help small businesses (USA Today)

  • The Stimulus Bill provided $105 billion for schools and creates a two-year tax break for donors who contribute to scholarship funds that give students money for private school and homeschooling costs (Washington Post)

  • The communities across the country and in Illinois hit hardest by COVID-19 deaths and unemployment are African Americans and Hispanics.  The African American unemployment rate is 14.6 percent more than double that of White Americans. In fact, nagging disparities in income, family wealth, health care, and unemployment place African Americans at greater risk of poverty (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Sen. Durbin led the Democrats' effort to effectively kill the Police Reform Bill in the Senate.  The Police Reform Bill would have transformed the way police are trained and interact with communities. Sen. Durbin dismissed the legislation introduced by Sen. Tim Scott a Black Republican as a “token-half-hearted approach.”  This was a procedural vote that failed 55-45 because it was blocked by Democrats (CNN)

Dr. Willie Wilson is a humanitarian and businessman.  He is an independent candidate for the United States Senate.  For more information please contact Dr. Wilson at www.williewilsonforsenate2020.com

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