Let's Rebuild Chicago, Together. 

"We all know what the problems are.  It's solutions we need."



  • We need to help Chicago reset & get back on its feet. 
  • This comes from getting Chicagoans working together with the appropriate agencies & personnel to get us back to pre-pandemic levels. 
  • We accomplish this by implementing a comprehensive, regulated grants program for education, trade & business recovery.


  • We need to help Chicagoans create the new post-pandemic normal. 
  • This means listening closely to citizens' needs and working together with inclusion as the guiding light to meet the unique needs of Chicago's diverse groups


  • We must work together with the appropriate agencies & personnel to address the consequences exasperated by the pandemic. 
  • The uptick in carjackings, murder on the rise, crime out of control &  mental health going unchecked.


  • No one can fix Chicago alone. But, together we can restore and rebuild Chicago to be bigger and better than before.

Good Works:

  • While every one else talks about the city’s problems, Willie Wilson is out in the community working on them.
  • While the government was still deciding what to do. We were out giving away masks. We gave away 30 million Masks free to Chicago, Chicagoland & State of Illinois. If masks saved lives, how many did WW single-handedly save?
  • Direct financial support of the at-risk homeless, our precious senior citizens & our influential churches of all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Direct financial assistance to keep people in their homes by satisfying/paying their property tax bill.
  • Bailing non-violent low level offenders out of jail for the holidays.
  • Commitment to a lifetime of service.